8ft. storeWALL Standard-Duty Panels (4 panels, 12″ high)


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Stock Up and Save! Buy 7 or more packs and pay $189 per pack. Buy 11 or more and pay $179 per pack.

The heart of the storeWALL system, these tough panels are built to last a lifetime. With five colors to choose from and an ‘eggshell’ finish that goes all the way through the panel, you’ll never need another storage system.

8ft. panels are sold by the box (so “Qty 1″ means 1 box). Each box contains four 8ft. long panels, each of which is 12” tall, so a box covers an area of 32sq. ft. The panels will be shipped with a freight carrier, which takes approximately the same time as FedEx Ground. To secure the panels safely to a pallet, freight carriers require you order three or more boxes. The carrier will call you to arrange a delivery appointment when the shipment reaches your local terminal. They will unload your shipment to the back of their truck, but will not move the shipment into your house or garage (though this can be arranged for an additional fee).

If you’re not ready to cover this large an area, then pick our 4ft. long panels instead, which can be shipped by FedEx. We are able to ship 8ft panel by FedEx but there is a slight chance of chipping of the panel corners, please be aware of this if you are ordering 1 or 2 boxes of panels only!


Brite White, Dover White, Weathered Grey, Khaki