What Can storeWALL Do For My Basement?

Basements can be pretty inhospitable places – damp, dark and cluttered. But the storeWALL storage system can bring yours back to life!

storeWALL offers the perfect combination of strength, looks and practicality. And with our wide range of accessories, you can be sure that there’ll be a solution for your storage requirements.

Look at why storeWALL works so well in the basement:

  • storeWALL is made from a PVC resin, and is unaffected by moisture.
  • The panels come in a choice of five colors which go all the way through the panel – so there’s never a need for painting.
  • The panels are easily cut with normal woodworking tools, so it’s simple to work around any pipes and beams on your walls.
  • All our accessories hang on the storeWALL panels, so all your stuff is kept off the floor and away from damp and dirt.
  • The wide range of accessories let you organize everything so it’s just where you want it, and always goes back in the right place.